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How to tell your loved one that you suffer from urinary incontinence


How to tell your loved one that you suffer from urinary incontinence

There are different ways to tell someone that you have male urinary incontinence, but none are easy. It's a condition that few people want to discuss in public or in private. People will react differently to this news, so find the right way to reveal this information to your loved one.


Give Hints

There are different ways to talk about urinary incontinence without actually sitting down and talking about it. Provide hints that you suffer from the condition without saying it upfront. Mention that you have had health problems before and have not been cured.

It's important to make the disease seem small and insignificant, so it's not made to look like a big deal. Do not mention every negative detail to scare the person. Instead, make sure that your loved one will not worry you and your health.

Provide Information

For some people, it's easier to have someone else do all of the talking. Most people are not comfortable talking about bodily fluids or organ malfunctions. If you can't talk about the issue yourself, provide links to online videos, websites or magazine articles that discuss the issue. Provide this information to help your family member or friend better understand your condition. In the end, they will be better informed to help you in the future.

Tell the Good News

Start and end the conversation on a positive note. Tell the person that there are a variety of treatments available. Modern incontinence products make life easier for people living with the disease. They do the same activities that people without incontinence do, which includes playing sports and sitting for long hours.

Mention that living with the condition today is easier than it was several decades ago. Any man lives normally without worrying about leakage or having to reveal his condition. Today, there are newer, more effective products and features to choose from like the Wiesner Incontinence Clamp. For further reassurance, compare the features of incontinence treatments made 20 years ago with the features of products made in this decade.


Living with male urinary incontinence is hard, but telling someone you know is even harder. Even though you fear rejection and confusion, it's important to be honest and upfront about the condition. Focus on the positives and mention that you have access to the best, modern-day medical treatments. Overall, let others know about your condition and build a stronger support team as you work toward improving your health.

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