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Does Caffeine Cause Incontinence?

caffeine and urinary incontinence

Can Your Morning Cup of Coffee Perpetuate Incontinence?

The morning hours allow us to breathe life into our schedule and create a framework for the rest of your day to flow efficiently and effectively. But one of the most popular activities performed when people roll out of bed is to brew a fresh pot of coffee. Let's be honest, nothing compares to witnessing the beauty of the early-morning hours with a warm cup of our favorite blend. Although this may sound enticing, our caffeine consumption maybe creating a problem in our urinary system that can lead to, and perpetuate, incontinence.

Incontinence Explained

To use simple terms, incontinence is the inability to control our urinary functions and use the bathroom in a regular fashion. According to statistics released by Phoenix Physical Therapy, PLC, 25-million people within the United States suffer from the inability to control their bathroom visits. Although most of these cases stem from patients that had recently undergone prostate surgery, some of the symptoms are exacerbated by regular coffee consumption.

To understand why this problem occurs, it's important to peer into the muscle groups located in our lower half and understand the functions they play in urinary control. The pelvic tissue and muscles located in the bladder are largely responsible for holding urine back from being expelled. When the tissue and muscle in this region become weak from age and certain dietary choices, accidents begin to happen. This predicament is so common within mature individuals that healthcare professionals believe 1 in 10 patients over the age of 65 will experience it.

Coffee and Its Role in Your Health

We know: Hearing bad news about your favorite pick-me-up is no fun, but cutting back on your coffee intake can greatly reduce the likelihood of an accident associated with incontinence. Researchers have found that caffeine, even in small doses, can cause problems in the bladder. Healthcare professionals highly advise to limit, or even complete remove, caffeine consumption as it has been linked to bladder inflammation and irritability. The bladder works much like a balloon in that it needs to expand to facilitate the urinary fluid that we accumulate through the day. When the muscles that line the bladder become rigid and weak, controlled bathroom visits become almost impossible to manage.

How to Regain Control of Your Life

Incontinence throws an unwanted variable into your lifestyle that leaves you worried, anxiety-ridden and unable to enjoy the moment. But what if there were a device specifically made for men to thrive? Wiesner Health has revolutionized the way men lead their lives with incontinence with their Wiesner Incontinence Clamp. The comfortable design sits on around the gland to create a seal that prevents urine seepage throughout the day. The product incorporates soft and durable padding that focuses on comfort and support throughout even the most active movements. If you're a man that needs to put a stop to your urinary issues, the Wiesner Incontinence Clamp is the product you have been looking for!

wiesner incontinence clamp

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