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Comparison of the Wiesner Incontinence Clamp vs Other Male Incontinence Products

We’re often asked how our incontinence clamp compares to other types of male incontinence products on the market, such as pads, catheters, leg bags and other clamps.


Knowing what all your options are and what they have to offer can help you make a more informed decision.

Adult diapers / briefs, pads & guards

These products come in different sizes and absorbencies, from Tena and Prevail guards that provide spot protection right where it’s needed for the male anatomy to full adult diapers or disposable underwear that offer full coverage.


Pads, guards, and adult diapers are convenient, disposable and wick moisture away from the skin to prevent rashes.

However, using these disposable male incontinence products can quickly become expensive. In addition, they don’t stop dribbling but merely contain it -- so if your goal is to avoid or minimize dribbling, our male urinary incontinence clamp is a better option.

Catheters and legbags

Sometimes male urinary incontinence is addressed by using external catheters, also sometimes called “condom catheters,” along with a urine collecting bag (“leg bag”) that is worn on the thigh or calf.

This solution provides protection from leakage, although leakage can sometimes occur if the catheter isn’t properly applied. Also, the wearer has to remember to empty the bag and clean the parts. This urinary incontinence solution also comes with some of its own risks, such as skin irritation from the adhesive used and the possibility of penile edema and other side effects.

Other male incontinence clamps

Some of the other incontinence clamps on the market include the Bard Cunningham clamp and the Dribblestop clamp. Like our own Wiesner Incontinence Clamp, these products are external male incontinence aids that put pressure on the urethra to keep it closed and prevent dribbling. They enhance the wearer’s confidence, save money as opposed to diapers/briefs and other consumables, and -- when used correctly -- are more comfortable than diapers or catheters.


When it comes to comparing our clamp with other male urinary incontinence clamps, our clamp is the smallest and lightest in its product category. That means it is more discreet than our competitors’ products, and ideal for wearing while enjoying an active lifestyle.


Another benefit of choosing the Wiesner Incontinence Clamp is that it includes 3 sizes in one product -- so there’s no guesswork involved. The patient gets a better anatomical fit without the need for buying and trying different products for the best fit. The special silicone cushions on our clamp ensure better durability, comfort and ease of cleaning.


As you can see, there are many very different options for men suffering from urinary incontinence. Our incontinence clamp is less prone to urinary tract infections than catheters, and less prone to dermatitis than diapers. The product you choose will ultimately depend on your type of incontinence, your comfort level with the different options, and what your urologist recommends.


At Wiesner Healthcare Innovation, our ultimate goal is to improve quality of life for men suffering from urinary incontinence. We hope you will speak to your urologist about Wiesner clamps and see if our products are the right male urinary incontinence treatment for you!

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