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Male Incontinence: What Loved Ones Should Know

relationships and urinary incontinence

Male Incontinence: What Loved Ones Should Know

If your husband, father, brother, or son live with incontinence, so do you. You know how hard it can be, especially for men. And how it can affect you, as well. Whether you help him deal with his feelings of social isolation and depression or help to dispose of pads and other incontinence products, you know at least part of the shame he feels.

At home, he may seem distracted, worried, and upset. If he's your husband, you may be experiencing "dead bedroom" syndrome. At work, he constantly worries that he smells like urine. He has to rush to the restroom frequently in an attempt to prevent leaks and accidents. And during his down moments, when he should be relaxing or having a little fun, he can't. He is always "on", always worried and waiting for the next accident.

So what can you do to help the man you love with his incontinence problem?

1. Support him.

Being supportive is the #1 thing you can do. Whether it's making sure that he can relax, making accommodations so he feels comfortable going out, making him feel attractive during intimate moments, or going over options he has to treat, prevent, or "cure" incontinence.

2. Talk openly.

While you may not understand first-hand what incontinence is like, you can still be a listening ear. Don't ridicule your partner, parent, brother or son. He likely already ridicules himself much more than anyone else in his life. Be the person he can talk to not just about how he feels, but about social repercussions, or about his hesitations in regards to treatments.

3. Seek treatments.

Sometimes, it can feel uncomfortable to suggest treatments. Perhaps he has tried one or two before, and he finds them lacking. Maybe he feels like he will be "less than" if he seeks outside help. And maybe you feel like you aren't being truly supportive if you suggest that he seek treatment. But the truth is that many men with the same problems in the same situations have found help in controlling, preventing, and curing their incontinence.

While diet and exercise can be a part of helping with male incontinence, the guys at Wiesner have found an innovative way to help with male incontinence. Their external medical device can help him control his incontinence, giving him the confidence to go out, breathe easier, and ultimately be intimate once more.


Help him regain his feelings of normalcy. Offer to change your diet with him, to be his exercise buddy - if he's your husband, you both will benefit from doing Kegels and walking! Also make sure to support him in whatever choice of treatment he chooses.

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