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Treatment options for male incontinence

Treatment options for male incontinence

Incontinence is a major inconvenience for men who want to enjoy certain social situations. Nowadays, enjoying life is easier with the use of various incontinence products. Some products are better to use than others, so men should consider their options carefully. Here a few solutions available to help them deal with this problem.


Adult Diapers and Pads

Most people with incontinence would agree that wearing adult diapers is better than risking an accident in public. Many women also wear incontinence pads to control their bodily fluids. However, wearing adult diapers is uncomfortable and awkward for some people. Buying disposable pads is an expensive venture for many, but using reusable pads is inconvenient. Carrying around used diapers is inappropriate for men who are constantly around other people.



Catheters are narrow tubes that treat diseases after being inserted into the body. For men with incontinence, uretic catheters are designed to drain urine from the kidney or urinary bladder. Men avoid the use of adult pads or diapers and worry less about cleaning up. However, some men see catheters as needles that are painful and invasive of the body. They choose to skip this treatment and go for a less invasive option.


Urinary Sheaths

Catheters are inserted into the body, while urinary sheaths are worn externally. The device fits over the penis and moves the urine to a bag, which is then emptied. The device is attached to the leg, so setting it up every day is a problem for some men. Also, the bags need to be emptied and cleaned regularly.


Incontinence Clamp

Wiesner Incontinence Clamp

An incontinence clamp attaches to the urethra in the penis and blocks the flow of urine. The product is safe, comfortable and does not need to be inserted into the body. It's easy to use and takes only seconds to put on.

Wiesner incontinence Clamp has silicone cushions for added comfort. The clamp remains firmly secure for hours, so users can participate in any activity without concerns. It is the most convenient and best option for men who are suffering from incontinence.


Today, men have more choices to deal with incontinence than they did several decades ago. They should consider all of their options and choose the best one, which is not based on price or availability. They should also consider looking for a permanent treatment to their incontinence problem. Overall, it's becoming easier to deal with male incontinence on a daily basis.

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