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How to keep urinary incontinence from destroying your sex life

Sex and Urinary Incontinence

How Men Keep Up an Exciting Sex Life with Urinary Incontinence

Let's be real - you'd probably rather admit to having trouble getting it up than incontinence. But the fact of the matter is, as more studies emerge it's becoming clear that male incontinences are more common than we could have thought - some perhaps even beating out diabetes. Chances are you're embarrassed and unwilling to talk about it, perhaps changing your whole life around the fact that you have leakage here and there. But chances are there's no area of your life as affected as your sex life when it comes to incontinence. Unless you have a partner that's very into surprise golden showers, you've probably all but barricaded that aspect of your life. But you don't have to. Sex can still be a very enjoyable, normal, and healthy part of your life.

Here are some tips on how to keep up an exciting sex life while dealing with incontinence.

1. Have a game plan.

Perhaps the biggest fear is being caught unaware, literally with your pants down, unable to explain and in a bind. Having a game plan for if the worst really does happen can help take most of your worry away. Whether it's tossing down some towels, having a talk beforehand, or getting her worked really worked up, just have something in mind.

2. A little leak isn't a big deal.

We know it can be humiliating, but learning to laugh off a little leak can help to improve and strengthen your relationship with your partner. If you let it sour the mood, all you're doing is making both of you unhappy. It's not a big deal - shrug it off!

3. Talk to your partner.

If you're worried about options 1 and 2, then the good news is that you can avoid them all together. A single chat with your partner can stop all of your worries. Explaining that a little pee might leak out while you're at it will typically be met with positivity, kindness, and understanding. Even discussing your fears of the worst "what if" situation can help bring the two of you closer.

Quick tips for less leaks.

Be adventerous when having sex. Try out different positions. Make it a fun journey that you and your partner are going on. Finding new positions that don't put as much pressure on your bladder can help reduce leaks during sex. Plus it's fun.

Take a break after foreplay to alleviate your bladder. Then come back and enjoy the rest of the action with a little less worry.

Condoms aren't everything you can do to protect yourself during sex - add some towels and underpads to the bed (or couch, or table...) before you get down to the nitty-gritty.

Take a leak before you even get started. Read up on some tips to void your bladder as much as possible, and keep in mind that a little leak is perfectly fine.

Ditch the drinks for several hours before you decide to have sex. This is especially true for drinks that are considered "bladder irritants".

It's more than easy to understand why you might not want to talk to anyone about incontinence, but the fact is that you deserve a full, healthy, and enjoyable sex life. Talking to your doctor and your partner can help drastically improve your sex life. And following our quick tips can help, too, if you're too stubborn to go to the doctor and too embarrassed to talk to your partner. You deserve to have fun, don't let a little pee stop you.

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