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6 things that can make male incontinence worse

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6 Things That Can Make Male Incontinence Worse

Many people think that incontinence is a problem that only affects females. However, this condition is fairly common in males. In fact, it is estimated that 17 percent of men who are over the age of 60 suffer from incontinence. Incontinence can make it difficult for you to complete your daily activities. However, you can manage your condition by knowing what can trigger or worsen it.

Fluid Intake

Consuming too much liquid can worsen incontinence. However, cutting back on your fluid intake may not help your condition. Reducing your fluid intake can lead to dehydration, kidney stones and constipation, which can worsen your condition. You still need to get two liters of fluid per day. You can limit your fluid intake in the evening in order to avoid nighttime incontinence.


If you suffer from incontinence, then it is best for you to avoid alcohol. This beverage is a diuretic, which causes your body to produce extra urine. If you choose to drink, then you should not have more than one alcoholic beverage per day.

Alcohol and Urinary Incontinence

Certain Medications

Incontinence is often a side effect of certain medications. High blood pressure medications, antidepressants, diuretics and sleeping pills are some of the medications that can cause incontinence. If you think that your medications are causing incontinence, then you will need to check with your doctor. Your doctor may switch you to another medication or reduce your dosage.

Spicy Foods

You may need to avoid spicy foods if you suffer urinary incontinence. Spicy foods can cause incontinence by irritating your bladder. That is why it is best for you to avoid foods that have cayenne pepper, curry and chili powder.

Spicy food and urinary incontinence


Smoking can cause inflammation in the prostate and bladder. That is why smokers may find that they have to go to the bathroom more often. They may also find that the urge to go is more intense. Smoking can also cause coughing fits, which can further irritate the bladder. Furthermore, smoking can increase the risk of bladder cancer.

smoking and urinary incontinence

Cranberry Juice

Many people drink cranberry juice in order to keep their urinary tract system healthy. It can help reduce the risk of urinary tract infections and bladder infections. However, it can worsen male incontinence. Cranberry juice is acidic, and foods and beverages that are acidic can irritate the bladder. That is why cranberry juice is not a good choice for someone who suffers from incontinence.

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