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Top 5 questions you should ask your doctor at your first visit


5 Questions You Should Ask Your Urologist at Your First Visit

You’ve been dealing with issues recently that have you feeling like you need to urinate constantly. Chances are, you’ve already booked your appointment with a doctor or a specialist, but you are probably still wondering what sort of questions you need to ask. It is common to have questions to ask your doctor, especially about something like this. However, with all of these concerns and uncertainties running through your head, it can be difficult to sort them out enough to formulate questions. Here are five simple questions that you can ask your urologist, especially if it is the first time to see them.


“Should I be concerned if I am urinating more than usual?”

This question might have a different answer depending on the doctor. Some might suggest that you cut back on your water intake or your alcohol intake since it can cause you to reabsorb water and urinate more. If you are still having problems, they might suggest that you come back in for a few tests to try to solve the issue.


“Do I need to undergo certain tests to discover the problem?”

While your doctor might urge you to try other things first, if you feel as though you have a serious condition, you should let them know. There are various screenings and tests that can tell you whether you can have urinary incontinence or whether you might suffer from something else. Your doctor will know what tests you need to have done to rule out this condition.


“Are there foods or drinks I should avoid?”

This is a great question because the food and drink that we consume on a regular basis could be a cause of some serious problems in the body. Your doctor can help you decide whether or not you have a food sensitivity or something more serious like an allergy. Usually, this can be decided by conducting an elimination diet.


“Do I need to be screened for prostate cancer?”

This is an important and more specific portion of the question mentioned above. Prostate cancer can cause many symptoms, so if you feel as though you have some of the symptoms, you should mention it to your doctor. They will be able to determine whether you need to have the test done now or wait to eliminate other possibilities.


“What are my treatment options?”

This question is valuable regarding knowing what to expect. If you are going in for treatment and you have no idea what to expect, then you might be in for a rude awakening. Your doctor should be able to walk you through your treatment options to help ease your worries before your treatment begins.



Though you are headed to the urologist for the first time, you don’t have to go unprepared. In fact, by asking your doctor the questions above, you can calm your fears and find out what is troubling you so much. Doctors don’t have to be scary to deal with. All you have to do is take a deep breath and ask them whatever is on your mind, no matter how crazy you might feel at first.

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